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Welcome To MyAarogya

MyAarogya is an initiative of the Trata Group of Companies. The Trata Group has a wide range of experience in Data warehousing and Analytics and Developing innovative, niche technology solutions in Pharma, Retail and Banking.A pressing need to make Health records available in electronic format, make life easy for Doctors and their patients and yet deliver an excellent Healthcare Experience, gave birth to MyAarogya.

  • Truly Innovative & Intuitive Technology

    Extremely friendly Starting point: Easiest way of getting data, straight from Paper to Server in real time.

  • Zero training

    Requires no training as writing has been the most preferred method and will continue to remain so Quick Implementation and No Set-up cost: No need of front end application development, hence project cost and time is reduced drastically.

  • Quick Implementation and No Set-up cost

    No need of front end application development, hence project cost and time is reduced drastically.

  • Friendly Front-end

    No data entry or scanning of documents required, forms get archived in real time, in both image and data format.

  • Intelligent Form Designing Tool

    Integration of paper with smart pen creating an INTELLIGENT form which helps capture and convert data and provides validation and customization to every field on the form equipping it to collect the desired meaningful data from the form.

  • Artificial Intelligence Framework

    It is designed to connect multiple customized dictionaries for every user, resulting into high accuracy of data conversion. The intelligent framework understands the writing behavior of user and updates the system, from time to time, which makes Data Mining and Analytics possible in real time.

Our Services

The Beginning...

In December 2012, MyAarogya began its journey with designing a solution based on laptops, PCs and tablets to help doctors capture, manage and retrieve medical records of their...

What’s in it for Doctors

MY POCKET CLINIC solution is hassle-free to adopt as it uses the doctor’s most preferred practice of pen and paper. It does not require any infrastructure setup or new software installations.

What’s in it for Patients

MyAarogya will revolutionize the current scenario from the Patient moving around the healthcare eco-system to the healthcare eco-system moving around the Patient and make it a truly...

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Trata E Systems Pvt. Ltd - “MyAarogya”


309-317, Jhalawar, 3rd Floor, Patanwala Estate,
Opp. Shreyas Cinema, L.B.S Marg,
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Telephone No.022-42229555,
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